Australia peddling toxics to France

The Australian chemical company, Orica has plans to export its massive stockpile of #hazardouswaste to burn in French incinerators. Meanwhile, the French Environment Minister just announced: “Incineration is a completely outdated technology”. The people living around the French incinerator and its pollution are strongly opposed to the import of Australia’s #hazardouswaste. VIVRE is the local French group giving voice to this opposition.
Australia is a developed country with international obligations to deal with its own #hazardouswaste at home as it has in the past. It has the technical expertise and suitable non-combustion technologies capable of destroying the stockpile of hexachlorobenzene are (HCB) commercially available.
Previous attempts to export this toxic waste to Germany and Denmark were rejected after public outcry and those governments concluding that Australia has a legal responsibility to manage its own hazardous waste and is financially and technically capable of doing so.

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Tell the Australian Minister for the Environment,The Hon Greg Hunt MP , what you think of the #hazardouswaste export.

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