Nano-materials in our homes

Nano-materials in our homes 0

How did this brand new technology find its way into our homes without us even knowing about it? Nano-materials such as nano-silver and nano-zinc are now found in many everyday products including sunscreens, cosmetics, foods, food packaging, paints, clothing and pesticides. And yet consumers are none the wiser because there’s no labeling required and there’s(…)

It might be ‘non-stick’ but is it safe?

It might be ‘non-stick’ but is it safe? 0

It might make cooking a breeze and stains slip off clothing but are non-stick chemicals safe? A new generation of ‘non-stick’ cookware is quickly disassociating itself with a controversial group of chemicals known as perfluorochemicals, used in the manufacture of many first generation ‘non-stick’ cookware and still widely found in products today. Perfluorochemicals are a(…)

Goodbye endosulfan 0

Finally after over a decade of international campaigning, the toxic pesticide endosulfan has been  slated for a global ban. One hundred and fifty countries, including Australia, meet in Geneva to determine the new listings on the Stockholm Convention’s list of banned substances and announced a global ban on the pesticide endosulfan. The decision will see(…)

Mum’s exposure to pesticides reduces IQ in children 0

Pregnant women instinctively know to avoid toxic chemicals that might harm the developing baby, but would they even know they were being exposed to a dangerous group of pesticides called organophosphates now linked with reduced IQ in children? Three independent investigations recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) have reached similar conclusions, associating prenatal(…)

Toxic waste 0

Many household products contain toxic chemicals that are corrosive, ignitable, or reactive ingredients and are considered ‘hazardous wastes’. Examples include leftover paints, cleaners, oils, batteries and pesticides. Even old carpet and foam contain toxic chemicals that are hazardous wastes. Improper disposal of household hazardous wastes by pouring them down the drain, on the ground, into(…)