Toxic hit list shows Australians exposed to dangerous pesticides 0

Download Report:  Australia’s Most Dangerous Pesticides The National Toxics Network  and WWF-Australia have released a list of Australia’s Most Dangerous Pesticides, more than 80 of which are prohibited overseas because of the risks they pose to human health and the environment. The list includes 17 chemicals that are known, likely or probable carcinogens, and 48 chemicals flagged(…)

Jo Immig, NTN’s Coordinator 0

Jo Immig is the National Toxic Network’s Coordinator and has worked on chemical pollution issues for over 25 years. Jo’s area of interest is children’s environmental health.Jo has a degree in applied science with a major in biology and is the author of the book “Toxic Playground” and numerous popular articles on toxic issues people are faced with(…)

Dr Mariann Lloyd-Smith, Snr Advisor 0

Mariann Lloyd-Smith is  Senior Advisor to the National Toxics Network and to IPEN, an international public interest NGO. She has worked in the area of chemicals policy and waste management for over two decades and  currently serves on the Technical Advisory Group of the national industrial chemical regulator. Mariann gained her PhD from the Faculty(…)

Dr Alison Bleaney, Tasmania 0

Dr Alison Bleaney is a well known activist in the area of public health and scientific studies of the effects of pesticides on water quality. Dr Alison Bleaney OBE has worked as a rural GP for the last 20 years in the St Helens community. She is strongly committed to improving the environment in NE Tasmania, in(…)

Irene Falcone, Nourished Life 0

Irene Falcone is the creator of Nourished Life. Specialising in toxin-free Organic Skin Care and Natural Makeup, Irene’s online shop is a place where you can find toxic free alternatives to EVERYTHING.  Featured on National TV, radio and magazines, Irene is rapidly becoming the go-to source for the latest information, products and tips on ‘going organic”. Irene is incredibly passionate about(…)