Northern Rivers hot-spot for birth defect 0

Watch the ABC TV’s  7.30 two-part report on the issue: Babies Born with Rare Condition Cluster Fears Remain in Northern Rivers District The NSW Northern Rivers may be a hot-spot for an horrific and rare birth defect which has babies born with their intestinal contents freely protruding through the abdominal wall… Bangalow-based National Toxics Network(…)

Fracking chemicals have never been tested for safety 0

Call for moratorium as report finds fracking chemicals have never been tested for safety The National Toxics Network (NTN) has released a briefing paper on the chemicals used in the drilling and extraction of coal seam gas (CSG) in Australia. NTN is calling on state and federal Governments to urgently introduce a moratorium on all(…)

Erin Brockovich launches Environmental Justice Society in Australia 0

The Environmental Justice Society was officially launched in Brisbane by its inspiration and patron Erin Brockovich. The EJS is a group of powerful lawyers, environmentalists, scientists and doctors who will be working together to take action against companies that pollute. Erin Brockovich has had a number of very successful high profile cases against polluters in the USA.(…)

Toxic hit list shows Australians exposed to dangerous pesticides 0

Download Report:  Australia’s Most Dangerous Pesticides The National Toxics Network  and WWF-Australia have released a list of Australia’s Most Dangerous Pesticides, more than 80 of which are prohibited overseas because of the risks they pose to human health and the environment. The list includes 17 chemicals that are known, likely or probable carcinogens, and 48 chemicals flagged(…)

Jo Immig, NTN’s Coordinator 0

Jo Immig is the National Toxic Network’s Coordinator and has worked on chemical pollution issues for over 25 years. Jo’s area of interest is children’s environmental health.Jo has a degree in applied science with a major in biology and is the author of the book “Toxic Playground” and numerous popular articles on toxic issues people are faced with(…)